Photo by Carlene Hartline.
Photo by Carlene Hartline.

I was born in 1983, in the year of the pig. They say that taking photographs of people is an acquisitive act, gaining something without giving back unless by conscious decision to do so in a separate act. Maybe it’s the pig in me that is gluttonous in this way: there’s a compulsion that drives me, one that I do not yet fully understand. Some people collect clothes, others collect stamps, and I take photographs, mostly of people and animals. I have been doing so for almost my entire life. The artifacts of my compulsion are here for you to see.

Though born in Sydney, Australia, I now split my time between New York and Chicago.

I have been published in People, Forbes, Food & Wine, Esquire, Nue, and SilvergrainClassics, among other places. Selected exhibitions and contests follow:

2007 – Grit & Glitz, Hilary Rawk Gallery, Chicago

2018 – Beasts of the City, Wild Bird Fund, New York

2019 – Seeing The Familiar For The First Time, Filter Photo Festival, Chicago

2020 – Photo contest, second place, Kodak Professional Europe/Phlogger.co.uk

2020 – Interior Life, Filter Photo Festival, Chicago

2020 – Exploring Humanity, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles

2021 – The Guild Complex Presents: Exhibit B #5, Chicago

2021 – The Nude, Southeast Center for Photography, Greeneville

2021 – Bloom, Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita

2021 – Relax, Analog Forever Magazine